Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about our program? Take a look below to see if we have an answer. If not, please contact us with any further questions.

Do children need to be toilet trained?

It is ideal and desirable for a child to be potty agreeable before beginning preschool.  If the child is not 80% potty trained by August 1st we suggest getting in touch with the Preschool Director to discuss your child’s individual progress. 


While the preschool is not equipped or staffed to daily change diapers or Pull-ups the staff understands that not all children accomplish this at the same age and we try to accommodate different developmental levels.  We treat accident calmly and make as little fuss as possible about them.   Spare clothes are kept on hand for these accidents.  

When is tuition due?

Tuition is figured as an annual fee and will be collected in four installments.  A $50 non-refundable registration fee guarantees your child’s enrollment at the preschool until first tuition is due August 1st.  Installments are due August, October, January and March. Individual monthly payment plans can be set up if needed.  Contact the Director to set up a monthly schedule for your family.  See Tuition

Is FUMC Co-op a religious program? 

FUMC Co-op Preschool is an outreach ministry of First United Methodist Church and is open to all faiths and cultural backgrounds.  Our school and curriculum are Christian oriented, but we do not emphasize a particular denomination.  Religious teachings are not a part of our daily plans, but we stress those elements of faith which are common to all Christians.  We always say grace before snack, we help children become good stewards of God’s world, we help children to care for themselves, the world and others,  we answer children’s questions about God, and we celebrate Christmas as the birth of Jesus… a very special baby, .

Only 3 hours? I need more time!

We offer two options to extend the 3 hour preschool day. Lunch Bunch is offered Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 12:00to 1:00 extending your child’s day to 4 hours.  Our sister program Parent’s Day Out provides care on Tuesday and Thursday from 12:00 to 2:30 extending the day to 5.5 hours.  See Extended Day

What is the curriculum?

We are proudly a developmentally appropriate Preschool.  What that means is our curriculum is based on what is age appropriate and individually appropriate.  The framework of our program is based on the proven predictable sequences of growth and change that occur in young children.  We also recognize what is individually appropriate.  Each child is a unique person with an individual pattern and timing of growth.  We honor individual differences in our curriculum and interactions with children. 

You will see a great deal of play in our classrooms. Play enables children to progress along the developmental sequences.

How do parents sign up for workdays?

Workdays are divided into 2 semesters, August-mid January, Mid January- May.  Parents sign up for required number of days for their class.  Fall workday sign up takes place at the annual parent meeting in late August.  Spring workday sign up takes place the first week back from Christmas break in January.  

What are the expectations of me as a parent helper?

On your workdays, you will need to be in the classrooms at 8:45 (mornings). Your preschool child may go to his/her classroom early on your workdays.  As a parent helper, you are a vital part of the teaching team.  It is important that you arrive 15 minutes before class begins so that you and the teacher will have the opportunity to plan together before the children arrive. 


Parent Helpers stay with the class the entire 3 hours interacting, guiding and encouraging the children as they move through their day.  Parents assist the teacher by setting up snack and helping with clean up.  

What happens if it’s my workday and my child gets sick?

If a parent cannot do a scheduled workday for whatever reason they can trade workdays with another parent in their class.  Early in the semester parents are given a class master schedule and contact information for other parents in the class.  Simply contact fellow parents and ask someone to trade. 


Some parents are also available to be paid to cover fellow parents’ workdays.  A list of paid parents will be published in the directory.  Contact a paid worker and ask them to work the day for pay.  When parents contract with a paid worker it is their responsibility to pay that worker directly.

I have a younger child, how can I work in the classroom?

We offer care for younger siblings for workdays for an additional fee.  See Nursery Care

Can I pay tuition by credit card?

Unfortunately we are not set up to take credit cards, as the fees are cost prohibited.  We accept checks and cash.

How are committee’s assigned?

For each child enrolled, a family serves on one committee. Families should plan to work approximately five hours per year for each committee assignment.  This is an estimate to help each family know the expectations of their time involvement.  Committee’s are assigned during the summer before school begins.  We will send out a summer letter which includes a list of committees and committee descriptions.  Parents review the list and send a form back to us indicating their top six choices.  Assignments are made in the order we receive them.  The sooner you send it in the better chance you have of being placed on one of your choices.  

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