The First United Methodist Co-op (FUMC) Preschool has provided a high quality, nurturing and professional preschool program for children of the Fort Collins region since 1965 years. The strength of the FUMC Preschool program, the quality and commitment of our teachers and the involvement of the preschool parents, are the anchors that compel families to return year after year.

Parents and teachers of FUMC Preschool work together to provide a quality, developmentally appropriate preschool program for children. Parents assist as classroom helpers, serve on committees, provide nutritional snacks for the classrooms and can serve on the Parent Advisory Board. Through this cooperative effort, parents:


*Learn ways to reinforce in the home the things their children are learning in school.

* Have opportunities to meet and develop friendships with other parents involved in our preschool.

* Gain insight into the development of young children.

* Have the opportunity to work directly with preschool children under the supervision of trained professionals.



"This is a wonderful preschool. Parents help out once or twice per month which helps reduce the cost, and it's so fun to be in the classroom with your child! The staff are fantastic and really have what's best for the kids in mind. Very play-centered which research shows is the best academic stimulation for this age group. I would recommend this preschool to any one in a heartbeat!"


This is our third year at the First United Methodist Co-op Preschool, and I can't say enough wonderful things about it. The teachers are phenomenal, and not only has my child learned from them, but I have as well! It is a welcoming place to be, and a wonderful community to be a part of. The director is extremely approachable, they have a Creative Movement program (where they even learn yoga!), and the co-op experience is amazing. I love being able to be a part of my child's preschool experience. The preschool also offers childcare options so my younger son has a place to go if I am in the classroom. So glad we ended up here!

My family is fortunate enough to have had 2 years attending this preschool and many more to come. I wouldn't want our family to be anywhere else.The teachers and director are some of the best I've seen, compassionate, attentive, nurturing and respectful of ALL our families. Love this school!!!!

Gina Fussinger


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